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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy, personal data safety

This privacy policy defines the regulations concerning gathering, processing and using personal data acquired from our customers by the Internet shop wantedstyle.pl under the domain address

www.wantedstyle.pl  (further referred to as Site) by Barbara Szołtysik, economic activity seated in Piekary Śląskie (further referred to as Internet Shop) on the Grodnu of resolution from 29th August 1997 concerning protection of personal data Journal of Laws No 133, item 883. Personal data of the customer will be processed only in order to realize the order, including issuing an invoice and keeping financial records as well as informing our customers about news and promotions in our shop. The data is confidential and shall not be revealed to third parties.

Users of
wantedstyle.pl shop shall remain anonymous as long as they themselves decide otherwise, and also while taking actions proper for the precise services of the site during which revealing some of the personnal data is necessary in order to get to know the contents of the announcements , but than only following data is revealed: e-mail address, name and surname and telephone number if necessary. Information included in system logs (ex. IP address) are used by the Administrator during technical procedures.

Why do we collect information concerning the Users?

Except for the purposes wantedstyle.pl shop serves the administrator collect information concerning the User due to the following purposes:

  • Replies to inquiries, remarks and complaints of the Users,

  • Personalization of the sites looked through by the User of wantedstyle.pl

  • Checking and identification of access authorizations to particular data in the service wantedstyle.pl , preventing problems which may occur during fuctioning the shop

  • Sending to the Users information concerning the products, services and promotions of the shop or its partners.

Users’ rights connected with processing of their personal data in wantedstyle.pl shop

Every User has the possibility to control his/her personal data by modifying, completing and removing it in appropriate for that place in the service which is available after having logged in by means of a given identifying tool and a password. If the User finds this solution not good enough he/she may contact the Administrator by sending an e-mail by means of a contact form.

Data protection

The purpose of the Administrator is to provide the best possible protection of personal data. Development of technology and development of wantedstyle.pl shop may result in changes in privacy policy, of which the Administrator shall always inform.

Practical notes concerning using wantedstyle.pl shop

If the User uses the same computer with other persons, having finished using services of wantedstyle.pl shop which required logging in he/she should log out so that no other user could look through or modify data or information concerning the User. Data given by the user while registering are known only to the User and the Administrator and to the cooperating with him persons who are obliged to keep confidentiality. The Administrator guarantees that unless the User places in the service information, announcements or offers which are accessible to other users of the service with the data and information which in such a case are revealed, the Administrator shall not reveal to any third person data and information placed by the User in the Service, unless it shall result from request of the subjects which are authorized on the basis of valid legal regulations. The User shall always take measures while sharing any data or information, and particularly access data in the service. The Administrator is open to any opinions, inquiries and remarks of the Users of wantedstyle.pl shop concerning keeping confidentiality of the data and information. If you have any questions feel free to contact by the contact form or an e-mail. 

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